Travel Friendly Esta Tips Worth Knowing About

Seeing the world need not be a hassle-prone process if you have the necessary travel documentation done well ahead of time. If you are residing in a VWP country, then getting an ESTA USA authorization is one of the more important paperwork to look out for. Here are some pointers to remember about ESTA when you pack your bags for the next journey to the US.

1 – Why is ESTA needed?

An Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA determines if a VWP native is eligible to enter the US. It is like a pre-screener for residents coming from VWP nations. Such a person having valid ESTA approval makes a person eligible to enter the US without a visa for 90 days.

2 – Important to start early

Just like you plan for accommodation, destinations, and tickets, you need to be early for your ESTA authorization too. The process for submitting application for ESTA USA needs to begin atleast 8-10 days before the flight.  While it takes minutes to get approval in a majority of the cases, for some cases it might go as long as 72 hours, hence the need to plan early.

3 – Does your vacation budget include ESTA?

A typical ESTA USA application costs $14. Make sure to factor in this cost into your travel budget. With proper budget you can experience a vacation of a lifetime. 

To sign off

All of the little things you do, including pre-travel planning for timely USA ESTA application can lead to a pleasant experience in your wanderlust.

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